Puku PPSU Feeding Bottle Standard Neck 150ml

SKU: P10819-899
Standard neck
Teat size: 3m+ Cross Hole


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Made of environmental-friendly, premium-grade PPSU.
PPSU is a high performance thermoplastic with excellent impact and chemical resistance.
It is able to withstand continous exposure to heat and absorbs tremendous impact without cracking or breaking easily.
With heat resistance up to 195 degree celcius, PPSU is commonly used in medical devices which requires repeated sterilization through steam, boiling and UV.
PPSU does not absorb odor or color and is considered a premium material for baby’s feeding bottle

  • Natural honey tint
  • Lightweight
  • Bottle is ergonomically shaped for easy holding and feeding
  • Unique anti leakage bottle cap
  • Safe, hygienic and convenient
  • Non-toxic print
  • BPA-free
  • SGS-certified (EN14350/ EU10/2011)
  • FDA-approved
  • Each bottle comes with Puku breast-like silicone teats

Breast-like silicone teats

– Mimics mum’s breast
– Fuss free transition from breast to bottle feeding
– PATENTED ANTI-COLIC VALVE minimises air intake to prevent colic
– The soft, rounded nipple encourage newborn to use the same peristaltic movement use to breastfeed
– 3D top ring design
– Soft and gentle for baby’s oral
– Bite-resistance
– Food grade silicone material
– Available in Wide neck (2pcs/pack) and Standard neck (3pcs/pack)
– Available in Cross cut or hole type
– BPA-free, FDA approved


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Puku PPSU Feeding Bottle Standard Neck 150ml
Purchase this product now and earn 32 Baby Coins!
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