Puku Adjustable Clip-On Bath Net

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Having trouble during your baby’s bath time? Always feeling insecure?

Fret not mommies! PUKU bath net is the perfect choice for mommies when taking your baby’s for a bath. Ideal for the new borns onwards, designed to support baby’s head and body during bath time.

Clips on to the bath tub to create a sturdy hammock for baby to rest on, prevents baby from slipping down into the water.

Bathing baby is now easier and safer with the adjustable bath net.

  • Compatible with Puku Size L Bath Tub
  • Provides extra support for baby when sitting in the bath tub
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for babies
  • Clips securely onto bath tub
  • Adjustable according to your preferred height and angle
  • Soft head cushion for baby’s head to rest comfortably
  • Compact and portable



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