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Ready for a heavenly journey around the world of skincare and cosmically smooth skin…? 3...2...1…. Lift off!

What should you know about the GLOV Cosmic Spa set?
GLOV Cosmic Spa is a set containing 5 of our cult pink GLOV Moon Pads, which you can use to remove makeup with water only or with your favorite makeup remover, as well as a laundry bag for washing and storing the pads in.The set also contains a GLOV Skin Smoothing body massage glove, which will deal with unwanted cellulite once and for all, leaving your skin smooth and toned. It all comes packed in a lovely pink pouch which can also be used as a cosmetics bag.

Directions for use:
GLOV Moon PadsSoak the Moon Pad with warm water or your favorite makeup removal product.
Apply the pad for a few seconds to the part of the face where you want to remove the makeup.
Gently remove makeup residue.

After use, wash the pad under running water using Magnet Cleanser soap or a bar of gray soap, or wash it in the washing machine in the enclosed laundry bag.

Leave it to dry and then use again!

[GLOV Skin Smoothing]
Use the glove under the shower with water only or your favorite shower gel (or a gel scrub for a stronger effect).
Massage your body towards the heart – from the ankle to the knee, from the knee to the stomach.